Welcome to Everest International Consultants, Inc.

Everest International Consultants, Inc. (Everest) is a team of professional consultants dedicated to helping people solve problems and achieve their goals. Since the firm's founding in 1995, our team of coastal, environmental and civil engineers has been developing creative solutions to a wide range of problems. Everest staff has worked on projects through all phases of development starting with planning and conceptual design to environmental review and preliminary design through final design and bid document preparation.

Our staff members are highly qualified engineers, scientists and planners with diversified project experience and strong academic background. We are familiar with local codes, imperial and metric systems, as well as local construction methods and materials. We employ the most advanced computer hardware and software to assist our engineers and planners in deriving the most appropriate solutions. These qualifications and resources enable us to work on projects involving traditional methodologies, applied research, and state-of-the-art technology.

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The goal of our firm is to be responsive to our clients� needs through high quality control standards and client-oriented project management techniques. We are committed to providing excellent services within time and budget.

An Expert in Coastal Engineering, Hydraulics and Hydrology